HenPower is an exciting, innovative project run by Equal Arts, a registered charity
which aims to provide creative opportunities for older people.
Essentially HenPower helps set up hen keeping in older people’s care settings to
offer stimulating activities for residents, families and other independently-living
older people.
One of the main aims of the project is to encourage older people to access
activities, which are socially engaging and relevant to them. The groups, who have
affectionately become known as ‘Hensioners’, have now branched out into running
hen road shows’ where they take their learning to schools and other older people,
and share with them first hand what it’s like to engage in new responsibilities at a
time in life where most people are slowing down and not stepping into wellies!
Each project is also supported by weekly arts activities based around the theme of
hen keeping. Current groups are working on singing, pottery, art and gardening
projects, whilst one group has focused on film-making techniques.
We got in touch with the Hensioners to see if we could lend a hand in any way – well
we are talking hens here - and after an eggstremely enthusiastic exchange, we have
offered help on two fronts:
Firstly hens: whilst not all residents in care settings will choose to adopt our lovely
girls, plenty have already expressed a keenness to give our ex-bats a second
chance in life.
Secondly hen care: there are currently 12 HenPower projects, in the North East
region with new projects starting up across the country. The Hensioners need
support with intermittent health and husbandry checks, cue our lovely Stocksfield
Co-ordinators, Marianne and Richard Halford, who now offer hands-on help and
advice with hen husbandry.
We know the benefits that hens bring to people in all walks of life, e.g. we home to
residential homes correction centres, and our girls prove to be enormously
therapeutic to those with mental health issues. It gives us great pleasure to help
such a lovely project roll out across the UK, and we look forward to bringing you
further news about our partnership.
For more information, visit the HenPower Facebook page,
contact Equal Arts on 0191 477 5775.