Your Letters
We all know the girls take great liberties, but these two
evidently knew that they were on safe ground:
From: libby
Subject: Pinching Bella’s dog food!!!
I had to send this pic of my dog Bella with Meg and
Hope, 2 of my ex-bats. These 2 cheeky girls came in,
took over Bella's lunch, tipped some of the food out by
standing on the bowl and then continued to eat Bella's
food lol! Bella is such a big softie she just let them
carry on and at one point all 3 of them were eating out
of the bowl lol. Thanks, Libbyx
At a recent Isle of Wight re-homing, 50 hens were collected on behalf of the Benedictine Monks
who live at Quarr Abbey. Within the Abbey grounds is a walled garden where volunteers from
the sheltered housing community grow vegetables for the monks and the Abbey Farm Shop, and
this is where the hens have made their new home.
Team leader, Dorothy Haynes, of the Quarr Abbey poultry
project said:
The Abbey is a lovely place for the volunteers
to spend time making their contribution to the workings of
the Abbey and the hens have added enormously to the
surroundings. I can't believe how friendly they are.
Sometimes we sit in their run and let them come over for a
chat. They climb all over us, peck at jewellery, pull shoe-
laces, what an absolute pleasure this project has been. I
do a lot of voluntary work and this by far is the most
rewarding project ever. On the whole the monks lead quite
a solitary life, but the hens have certainly enriched their
At the opposite end of the scale to Anne Barrow, Kimberley Fellowes was initially hesitant
about her hen adoption, but this is what soon followed …
To whom it may concern,
About a month ago I re-homed four ex-battery hens from
you. I was fairly sceptical about getting them and was
unsure what they would be like in terms of behaviour and
A month on and I couldn't imagine not having them. They
are all amazing birds who deserve a second chance, and
have lovely temperaments, not too shy although they were
unsure at the start.
Thanks to your staff for being so helpful and efficient with
letting me know available dates and pick-up points. I will
definitely consider getting more hens in the future.
Kimberley Fellowes