The Great British Egg Scandal!
Yes, it's fair to say that the BHWT were involved in a
hilarious security drama at the House of Commons
recently whilst attending a reception we were invited
to by food giant, Morrisons. Momentarily forgetting the
popularity of our dear politicians, the trio were caught
at the security scanners with half a dozen eggs
brought as a gift. The culprits: myself, marketing guru
Jane and fundraising wizard, Elaine, were duly hauled
aside by a bemused and good-natured security guard,
who explained the eggs had to be confiscated.
Afterwards the trio were escorted from the building by
the security man with a big smile on his face as he
carried the offending goods wearing blue rubber
gloves ... why the need for rubber gloves we were
It’s not a yolk
If you’re a gadget fan this latest eggy idea from Kidult
may appeal. Designed for those who find slicing a
slippery hard-boiled egg arduous (who I wonder?!), this
invention solves the problem in 60 seconds, which is all it
takes to mould the ovoid egg in a screw lid
jar, effectively squeezing it into a square
shape. The Egg-Q-Ber (say it out loud)
costs around £5 and is available from
Firebox, the UK-based gifts company.
Square Eggs? ...