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We were so pleased at the end of June when Esme Higgs from Rugby
became the 10,000th fan on our Facebook page. We got in touch with Esme
who told us about her hens: “I had wanted to keep chickens for a long time
and when I read in a magazine that you could take on rescue chickens I was
even more determined. I came across the BHWT in an internet search on
the subject and was very impressed by how smoothly our adoption went
and the friendliness and efficiency of the West Midlands Team volunteers
who made it a quick but pleasant experience. We are so grateful for the
work that goes on in the background, liaising with farmers, picking up and
caring for hundreds of hens, sorting out the collection days, vets and so on,
and no doubt mountains of paperwork!”
The hens have such
trusting personalities and
love to hang around the
feet of anyone who goes in
the garden. As my seven
year old son, Riley, said
when they started stealing
fruit from the bushes ‘they
are real chickens now!’
I decided to join the face
book page to publicly show
my support for the charity
and to feel part of the wider
ex-bat keeping community.
It's good to feel part of a
group of like-minded
people and pick up tips and
funny stories. Also I like the
idea of showing off
pictures of my own spoilt
hens now they have all
their feathers back!”
Whether you just want to enjoy chicken chat or post a pic of your lovely
ladies, we are always pleased to welcome newbies, so keep sharing and
liking our page so we can keep growing.
Esme with Hero and Scootaloo
on their first day