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And Finally … Bob
All good things come in little packages
and Bob’s no different. OK, so we’re
bucking the trend here by introducing a
cockerel into our And Finally slot, but
Bob’s story is rather sweet and he wouldn’t
be alive today if it wasn’t for the concern of
his original keepers and kindness of
BHWT supporter, Rob Sharratt.
Bob lived in sunny Burton-on-Trent very
happily with his flock of ladies, but sadly,
as so often happens, Bob found his voice
and became an unwelcome neighbour-
hood early morning alarm system. At-
tempts were made to find the little chap a
home locally, but nobody stepped forward,
so kind-hearted supporter Rob got in touch
with the BHWT to see if we could accommodate him.
We are asked almost on a daily basis to take unwanted cockerels like Bob, and are
extremely rarely able to help, but Rob’s timing couldn’t have been better as I was looking
for a little fella to keep my girls happy, someone friendly who wouldn’t want to sink his spurs
into my legs come spring!
A few emails and snaps later, and Bob bagged himself a summer home down in lovely
Devon, chauffeured in style by Rob himself in August. And my first thought? What a
snazzy little dresser, with his Rod Stewart leopardskin-style onesie (Bob not Rob), and
such a gentleman … almost immediately he was sweet-talking the girls with promises of the
tastiest titbits, and he’d pretty soon converted me when he stood on my hand enjoying a
little tummy tickle.
I’m delighted to have been able to give Bob a good home, but please remember that if you
hatch eggs, you
have cockerels and
need to take responsibility for them.
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