Chicken Vet

“The promotion of better hen health and care is to be applauded. Well done on your achievements.” 

The Chicken Vet is a business dedicated to giving the best veterinary care to backyard hens and we have been working in partnership with them since 2012. Chicken Vet aim to provide owners of pet chickens advice on the care, health and wellbeing of their birds.

Chicken Vet has worked with the British Hen Welfare Trust to give re-homing volunteers from all over the country a comprehensive overview of health, disease issues and common complaints associated with backyard chickens.

This face to face training is supplemented by regular hen health features in Chicken & Egg and we have also worked with Chicken Vet on the production of health sheets to improve care for our hens.

You will find many Chicken Vet products available to buy from our online shop.

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