Your donation and support are very important to us; without you we couldn’t save thousands of gorgeous hens every year.  Perhaps you would consider a regular direct debit, or leaving a gift in your will?  Both of these help us to plan for the free range future our founder Jane envisioned when she began the charity.

How do we spend your donation?  Our fantastic volunteers mean we can keep our costs low, but we do have to pay for equipment and supplies.  We estimate that it costs £3 to give one hard working hen a second chance in a happy retirement home.

Here are some examples of our costs:

£7 – Bale of hen bedding

£12 – Sack of poultry feed

£20 – Transport carrier for poorly hens

£30 – Poultry crate

£32 – Poultry feeder

£300 – Custom-made tarpaulin (for our trailers)

£3,000 – Small customised trailer

If you would like any further information about helping our girls find their perfect pet homes, please contact

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Welfare and Education Centre

The British Hen Welfare Trust is looking to raise £250,000 to build the UK's first Welfare and Education centre for hens!

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Give a Gift Today

Give a hen a brighter future today - It's easy to donate online, by post, by text or by phone.

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Give a Regular Gift

Regular donations are great for us because they allow us to plan for the future and keep our admin costs down.

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Gift Aid

Gift Aid means every £1 you give can be worth £1.25 to us.

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Sponsor a Hen

Want to help hens but don't have enough space? Don't worry, you can still help by Sponsoring a Hen!

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Leaving a gift in your will

A gift in your Will could mean a brighter future for hard-working hens.

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In memory of a loved one

Giving a donation in memory of a loved one is a special way to celebrate their life and support a cause they cared about.