Sponsor a Hen

Even if you don’t have room to re-home a hen, you can still adopt one of our girls with a Sponsor a Hen pack.

Sponsoring a hen for just £4 a month is the perfect way to get your regular dose of hen antics and it means you'll be a part of that hen's life forever. You'll receive regular updates as to how they're getting along as well as your initial pack containing everything you need to know about your chosen girl.

These packs are lovely for you to keep personally or you could give one as a gift to those family members who are particularly hard to buy for! What's best is that your sponsorship will go towards saving more hens from slaughter.

So sponsor a hen and follow these hens as they discover the wonders of the outside world and relax into a welcome retirement, and help other hens at the same time.

We've sold over a thousand sponsor hens since we introduced them and raised valuable income for the charity. Here's what's included in the pack:

Simply pick your chosen hen below to get started!

Product Title

Sponsor a Hen – Dee

Dee was the 500,000th hen re-homed by the BHWT. By sponsoring Dee today, you'll become remain a part of this special girl's life and be kept up to date with her progress.

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Sponsor a Hen – Glenda

By sponsoring Glenda you'll be helping many more hens wing their way to a free range retirement. You'll also get regular updates about Glenda and her antics, include what treats she's been indulging in lately!

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Sponsor a Hen – Guinevere

Guinevere is a small hen with a big character, and she is enjoying every single moment of her free range retirement in Denmead.

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Sponsor a Hen – Primrose

Primrose is a real cheeky hen! She has developed a very distinct cluck which is more like a 'barp' and she'll happily chat away to anyone (or anything!) who'll listen. Please consider sponsoring Primrose and helping so many more like her.

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Sponsor a Hen – The Re-hab Rebels

Meet the re-hab rebels: Meg, Rosie and Twirl. Three hens lucky enough to be looked after by the charity’s very own Head of Operations, Gaynor Davies.

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Sponsor a Hen – Willow

Willow came out of her colony cage in September 2016 and was adopted from our Wrexham re-homing point. Her favourite things are food and anything shiny! Sponsoring Willow will allow us to save so many other girls from slaughter.