Hen charity announces celebration of 250,000 re-homed battery hens to take place on Saturday 16th April

Posted 8th April 2011 10:58am by

PRESS RELEASE – 08-04-2011

The British Hen Welfare Trust is delighted to announce its celebration of a great milestone in the charity’s history: the re-homing of its 250,000th hen.

The event will take place at a hen collection day at the charity’s headquarters on  Saturday 16th  April in Chulmleigh, Devon.

Jane Howorth, who founded the British Hen Welfare Trust in 2005 having been moved by the plight of caged hens after watching a Panorama documentary, will hand over the 250,000th lucky hen to a family looking to re-home chickens on the day.

The charity started out as a re-homing charity for ‘spent’ ex-battery hens which were otherwise destined for slaughter. It now also educates the public about how they can make a difference to hen welfare, and encourages support for British egg farmers.

Jane Howorth was placed 82nd in a Country Life ranking of the people with most influence on those who live in the countryside. Coming just two places behind David Cameron, the article described the charity as one ‘which educates the public about the egg industry in a remarkably sensible and non-hysterical way’.Jane Howorth said: ‘Rehoming 250,000 commercial laying hens is a great milestone for the charity and we are delighted that the trend for keeping back yard hens is on the increase. With the help of our wonderful supporters, we are thrilled to celebrate our re-homing achievements. But our resolve to spread the word to consumers, that they can make a big difference to hen welfare through the power of their shopping basket, has never been stronger.’

The British Hen Welfare Trust is a national charity that re-homes commercial laying hens, educates the public about how they can make a difference to hen welfare, and encourages support for the British egg industry. Its ultimate aim is to see consumers and food manufacturers buying only UK produced free range eggs, resulting in a strong British egg industry where all commercial laying hens enjoy a good quality life.

To find out more or to support the work of the British Hen Welfare Trust please email info@bhwt.org.uk, log on to www.bhwt.org.uk or tel: 01884 860084.