26 miles and counting!

Posted 13th May 2016 10:21am by

Very best of luck to Joey and Corinne from Copthorne Vets in Shrewsbury who will be undertaking the Mynd Dover 26 mile walk on Saturday, June 25, to raise funds for our girls.

We caught up with the girls to ask them a few questions about the challenge, and their involvement with the BHWT.

How did you hear about the charity? 

“We found out about the British Hen Welfare Trust because it is the British Veterinary Nurse Association’s charity of the year for 2016.”

Have you re-homed any hens your self? 

“Yes Corrine had four hens called Rosemary, Thyme, Rose and Petal. And Jo re-homed four, called Barbara, Mrs Brown, Rocky and Honey.”

What made you want to take on this challenge? 

“We wanted to do this challenge for the BHWT because we both think it’s a brilliant charity that can give life back to battery hens and give them the respect they deserve, by living out the reminder of their life in comfort and to be able to have the freedom to be a proper hen!”

What would we say to someone else to encourage them to do the same thing? 

“Imagine your life where you can’t express your natural behaviour or do the things that make you happy – this is what these poor hens lives are like before they go to slaughter, but the BHWT gives them the chance and opportunity to have a real life and there is no greater gift than that, the gift of freedom and happiness and to live the rest of their life like a proper happy chicken, the way it should be.”

How much are you hoping to raise? 

“We have a target of £250 we are over half way already.

“Please support us and this amazing charity to give life back to battery hens they do so much for us and they have a very tough time with it so let’s give them the life they deserve. To have a happy hen is a very rewarding thing to see.”

Here they are showcasing their British Hen Welfare Trust t-shirts on one of their training practice walks!

If you would like to sponsor Joey and Corinne on their hen adventures please check out their Just Giving page here.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling plucky, why not set yourself a challenge to raise funds for the charity?

If you would like to find out more, please contact the Fundraising Team on 01884 860084 or email Xiomara.Pattison@bhwt.co.uk