500,000 steps in 50 days!

Posted 21st July 2017 11:01am by

Here is a lovely update from the inspiring Kyra de Groome about her 500,000 steps in 50 days challenge!  She has just finished the challenge and wanted to let everyone know how she got on:

“I knew that my ‘Chicken Walk’ would be a challenge as I have a rather sedentary office job, so managing to walk over 10,000 steps every single day for 50 days was going to take effort and determination.

I made the most of every minute of my break times to get outside and get stepping. Evening walks along the estuary near to where I live made up for any shortfall during the day (The photo shows one of these evening walks). When the weather turned fowl, I just thought of the hens, zipped up my coat and got on with it!

I realised that an important (and difficult) part of the challenge was to let people know I was doing it and why and to ask for support and donations – everyone has been so kind and encouraging. I thought that the £500 target was optimistic and am just thrilled that it has been exceeded!

I have to admit that my knees have become very painful during the last few days, but I’m sure they’ll recover, along with my impressive collection of insect bites.

At the root of it all was the dreadful thought that commercial laying hens have so little to live for apart from eating and laying eggs.  I really admire the work of the BHWT in giving these poor girls a chance to just be hens; to be stimulated and contented and to be able to express their natural behaviour in a natural environment – just like my lucky little flock do.

The BHWT is a brilliant and compassionate charity and I wanted to do something to help.

Well done BHWT!!!”

If you would like to donate please click here, all the money raised will help more hens be re-homed to a wonderful free-range retirement.

Thank you so much Kyra and to all those who have donated, you have made a huge difference to hens!