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Our People

Leadership Team

Responsible for steering the direction of the charity, our leadership team work on strategic projects such as our Improving Pet Hen Health and Hens as Therapy schemes and liaise with stakeholders including Defra and A-Law to keep laying hens top of the agenda.
Jane Howorth

Jane Howorth
CEO & Founder

I was hatched in Hampshire, grew up in Berkshire and moved to Devon in 1995. At 19 I saw Panorama ‘Down on the Factory Farm’ and that was it – I knew I wanted to help commercial laying hens – and I collected my first flock of 36 (I went for 12) from a local well-hidden farm in 1995. Fast forward a few years and I feel the luckiest person alive to be doing what I do.


Gaynor Davies
Head of Operations & Welfare

I worked as a head veterinary nurse in a two-centre practice in Kensington and moved to Chulmleigh in August 2008 when I began volunteering for the BHWT helping with the daily care of the hens. I had never even picked up a real chicken before this but became a chicken convert. Jane offered me an office job in February 2009 and I now look after the Operations and Welfare side of the charity, liaising with farmers and working out the logistics for rehoming days.

Heather Elven

Heather Elven
Director of Operations

I spent my teenage years volunteering on educational farms across Buckinghamshire, where I was immediately hooked into all things poultry and welfare. I trained as a veterinary surgeon, travelled the world with my studies, and became a practising poultry vet. I have completed a poultry externship in America, a Certificate & Masters in Avian Health and Medicine. My work led to being an APHA representative assisting with the avian influenza outbreak, and I enjoy my additional presidential position developing graduate poultry vets. My role as Director of Operations is a dream come true, and I have the pleasure of volunteering with the MK team.

adele hall

Adele Hall
Secretary of the Board of Trustees & Corporate Services Consultant

I was born in Sale in Trafford and did my first rehoming in January 2006 for the Lancashire area, having moved in 2003 to the Rossendale area. In those days, people travelled from far and wide (sometimes from Scotland) as the charity was spread so thinly in terms of rehoming points. My work experience in Accounting, IT and Admin drew me into gradually helping manage the charity. I have alpacas, dogs, donkeys, bees and, of course hens; all of which keep me busy alongside my enjoyable experience of working with this lovely team of people.

david marek

David Marek
Chair of the Board of Trustees & IT Consultant

I’m from Edinburgh but live in Cheshire where Sarah and I run the hen rehomings from Nantwich. We adopted our first hens in 2015 and were hooked! A few months later we began volunteering and haven’t looked back, adding to our flock regularly and becoming more involved in the charity, wanting to help as many hens as we could. I became a trustee and joined the charity's board in 2020 taking up the position of chair in January 2021. With a professional background in corporate IT I'm now able to combine this with contributing to the governance of the charity as well as overseeing the technical aspects of the BHWT's websites.

Rehoming, Education & Welfare Team

If you call in about your booking you’ll be chatting to one of these wonderful folk who, between them, handle everything from rehoming queries, hen health calls, fundraising and shop tasks and much more. Quite simply, they keep the charity turning on a day-to-day basis.

Rachel Jenkins
Rehoming, Education & Welfare Assistant

I was born in Devon and am married with 2 grown up daughters, I’ve always loved hens but never been able to have any myself, so a job at BHWT is ideal for me. I work within the rehoming team managing all the reservations for the thousands of hens we rehome each year as well as answering queries from the Hen Helpline. I also deal with the rehoming admin and oversee lots of tasks needed to run an office. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family (and our dog 😊), gardening, knitting, walking, reading and, most importantly, laughing. Oh, and I am also an avid Corrie fan.

Emma Clift

Emma Clift
Rehoming, Education & Welfare Consultant

I have always been an animal lover (my first job was in a local pet shop, which I adored!) and have volunteered with BHWT since 2019, enjoying the excitement of helping out on rehoming days, rehoming hens myself and then co-ordinating our local site in Buckinghamshire. My background is in education, where I was a teacher for over 10 years, so bringing these two sides together is a perfect combination. I’m thrilled to be part of the BHWT team, making a difference to the lives of these wonderful animals.


Alison Leggett
Rehoming, Education & Welfare Adviser

My original background was everything equine. I had a slight change in direction and was appointed manager of an Animal Management Centre and in my 20 years there, I was able to oversee development of a new centre which included expanding the animal collection and worked with the students. Following our move to Devon, I wanted to continue my involvement in welfare and the care of animals. I was fortunate enough to join the BHWT five years ago and am proud to hold my current position, which is centred on rehoming, health and welfare for hens.


Aimee Myers
Volunteer, Education & Welfare Assistant

I was born in Devon and my training has been within education. I have worked in specialist education provisions and have assisted with animal therapy, where I have seen firsthand the positive impact that animals can have on mental health and wellbeing. I have always felt passionate about animal welfare and feel strongly about the difference that we can make. I feel so lucky to be part of the BHWT flock, helping to give these beautiful, intelligent girls the lives that they deserve.


Denise Price
Rehoming, Education & Welfare Assistant

I was born in Barnstaple and have lived there and in surrounding areas all my life. I have worked various roles within Office Admin & Retail. The first time I rehomed hens from the charity was in the early days in 2006 when it was based at Chumleigh, little did I know then that come 2020 I would end up working for the charity in the rehoming team helping to save hens’ lives and speaking to our wonderful & lovely supporters and volunteers. I also help out with admin for Fundraising and Egg Club.


Louise Seddon
Rehoming & Deputy Volunteer Manager

I’ve always had a desire to protect the weak and vulnerable in society, which started with volunteering at a Citizens Advice Bureau when I was a Trainee Solicitor and developed into prosecuting RSPCA animal welfare cases in court. I first volunteered for the BHWT in 2005 and I am now helping our wonderful team of volunteers save thousands of hens from slaughter each year.

Online Shop

Our online shop is a treasure trove for chickens and Online Shop Manager Megan makes sure it’s always jam-pecked with goodies for your girls. We always love your product suggestions so drop her an email if you’ve got an idea.
Meg C

Megan Conibere
Online Shop Manager

Born and raised in Devon I grew up with the countryside on my doorstep. Throughout my childhood we had rescue cats, dogs, rabbits, a horse and then around 2006-2007 we rescued our first flock of hens from the BHWT. Fast forward to 2018 I had just finished college and was looking for a job, the BHWT were hiring and so I applied. I started in the rehoming team and now here I am almost 6 years down the line as our Online Shop Manager. It feels great to be helping hens in so many ways!

Fundraising Team

Egg Club, Sponsor a Hen, Bake for Hens’ Sake!, appeals, corporate partnerships – there’s not much our fundraising team can’t tackle between them. They are an integral part of the charity and keep donations coming in to fund our all-important work raising awareness of laying hens.

Kylie Durose-Ford
Individual Giving Manager

Kate Fenton

Kate Fenton
Trusts Fundraiser

I’m a huge animal lover and have long admired the work of the BHWT so was delighted to join the team in 2020. It’s such a unique charity and one that has a big impact both on hens and people. I love being part of the fundraising team, especially hearing about our supporters’ individual stories with their flocks. I’m lucky to live not too far from Hen Central in Devon with my family and two spaniels.

Poppy Harrop

Poppy Harropp
Head of Fundraising

I have worked with the British Hen Welfare Trust for over 10 years supporting the development of the fundraising team. With a background in fundraising that spans 25 years I have worked for a variety of charities on a regional, national and international level. I am currently covering a maternity cover post in the team, and am the main point of contact for regular giving, the lottery, major donor fundraising and legacy fundraising. I love seeing how the charity has flourished over the years, and in particular how the impact of positive campaigning has transformed the welfare of so many laying hens.

Megan Holland

Megan Holland
Corporate & Community Fundraiser

I was born in Portsmouth, but grew up in rural Ireland where I discovered my love for animals, nature and the great outdoors. I now live in Devon and am happiest by (and in) the sea, gardening and walking my pesky but adorable miniature schnauzer. I started with the BHWT in 2017, working first in the rehoming team and now in fundraising where I encourage businesses and individuals to help hens through lending their support. Working for such a unique and fast-moving charity is a joy and nothing beats knowing we are transforming hens lives every day.

Marketing & PR Team

From social media posting to interviews with celebrities, our marketing and PR team never quite know what they’re going to face when they start the day! If you’ve got an idea for a story or something quirky we may not have come across, this is who you’ll be speaking to.
elaina machin

Elaina Machin
Digital Marketing Manager


Francesca Mapp
Marketing Consultant

Jade P

Jade Powis
Marketing Officer

Born and bred in South Wales I migrated across the Bristol Channel to roost in Devon, following my previous career as a zookeeper. I switched out primates and cleaning buckets for hens and computers when I took on my exciting role as Media Officer for the BHWT in 2022. I help run the social media platforms for the charity and just love seeing supporters’ hen updates and photo submissions of their flocks.

Board of Trustees

From social media posting to interviews with celebrities, our marketing and PR team never quite know what they’re going to face when they start the day! If you’ve got an idea for a story or something quirky we may not have come across, this is who you’ll be speaking to.
jonny ison

Jonny Ison

Born in Durham and educated Blundell’s School, Tiverton and Oxford University (English literature).

After university 8 years spent in a variety of occupations, including making a documentary film (BBC2), working as a drayman for a brewery, assisting an architect friend in building a house. Finally training as an accountant and pursuing a career in general practice accountancy, mostly personal taxation, small businesses and charities.

Married with four children and eight grandchildren. Interests are gardening, travel, wine and food (all of which are connected).

Jacqui Pateman-Jones

Sophia Fannon-Howell

Dr Sophia Fannon-Howell, PhD FCVM

I live in leafy Surrey with my family, 3 cats, and a flock of hens from the BHWT, which have been part of our household since March 2020. My connection to hen welfare started in my teens, which also inspired my choice to become vegetarian. I proudly joined the BHWT as a trustee in 2023, determined to leverage my extensive corporate expertise to advance the charity's vital mission.
In my professional life, I lead Digital Innovation for a major energy company, with over two decades of expertise in data, analytics, and digital. I am passionate about solving complex problems with data and AI (artificial intelligence) to drive business value and strategy at pace.
I am also a strong proponent of diversity, equity, and inclusion, with a focus on encouraging and supporting women and girls in STEM and technology fields.