Fridge cake with chocolate, nuts and raisins, by Amy Hamilton

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This recipe for a chocolate fridge cake comes from Amy Hamilton who recently held a fabulous Free Range Friday which raised more than £500! This is a great recipe for those of you who are looking for something not containing eggs.

Amy said: “This chocolate fridge cake is a really easy recipe and can be altered depending on what ingredients you have available or who you are catering for. I used half digestive and half oat biscuits, but any kind will do. Furthermore I added Brazil nuts, which can be left out if you have anyone with nut allergies. I added some chopped nougat chocolate bar, but you could use anything that takes your fancy – it is a very versatile recipe.

“I have found that this cake goes down a storm at the bake sales I have run in the past, and I am sure it will be perfect for your BHWT Free Range Friday. Make sure to check the labels of any chocolate bars you use to see if they include egg, and, if they do, that they’re free range.

“My favourite kitchen tool is my silicone spatula, but it isn’t essential. If you don’t have a silicone cake pan, you could line a baking tray or dish with greaseproof paper.”

Chocolate fridge cake recipe

Ingredients: You will need:
300g chocolate

125g butter

2 tablespoons golden syrup

300g biscuits (broken/crushed)

50g Brazil nuts (chopped/crushed)

100g raisins

30g puffed rice cereal

100g nougat chocolate bar (chopped)

A saucepan

A glass mixing bowl

A large mixing bowl

A wooden spoon

A silicone spatula

A silicone cake pan

Weighing scales

A rolling pin


1 – First of all, break the biscuits into the large mixing bowl, or use the end of a rolling pin to crush them once in the bowl.

Cake step 1 (2)Cake step 1

2 – Add the chopped Brazil nuts, raisins, puffed rice cereal, and chopped nougat chocolate bar to the biscuits and mix.

Cake step 2 (2)Cake step 2Cake step 2 (3)

3 – Fill the saucepan with water. It needs to have just enough water in to touch the bottom of the glass bowl when you place it in/over the pan. Bring to the boil and then leave to simmer.

4 – Break the chocolate into the glass bowl and add the butter and golden syrup. Place this over the simmering water and stir slowly until everything has melted together.

Cake step 4Cake step 4 (1)Cake step 4 (2)

5 – Pour the melted mixture into the large mixing bowl of dry ingredients. Use the silicone spatula to get as much of the mixture as you can out of the glass bowl. Mix well with a wooden spoon until all of the dry ingredients are covered in chocolate.

Cake step 5Cake step 5 (2)

6 – Using the spatula, move all of the mixture into the silicone cake pan. Squash down with the back of a wooden spoon to ensure it is compacted.

7 – Leave in the fridge for at least a few hours.

Cake step 7

8 – Turn out of the cake pan onto a chopping board before finally cutting into slices and serving!

Chocolate fridge cake 2