Ask Gaynor – 7 Jan 2016

Posted 7th January 2016 03:20pm by

Recently Janet Stokes asked:

Okay, why do my rescues still feel quite thin, when they have access to food – warmed mash, pellets and crumb & corn in the afternoon – all day? Thank you, you’ve saved the life of a few of my girls over the last year.

Gaynor’s answer:

Hi Janet. Thank you for your question. Remember that the humble laying hen is a totally different type to the broiler bird you see on supermarket shelves. Broilers are expected to gain weight fast and put on a large amount of breast meat but laying hens are designed to have little spare flesh and all their energy is concentrated on popping out eggs. Even the best fed ex bats will feel comparatively thin. This tends to be highlighted by the relatively sparse feathering. A good set of plush feathers normally disguises this.

Feed a good quality layers feed and try not to over-do the treats. Your girls will gradually reach a happy medium.

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