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A Healthy Hen Comb

A healthy hen comb and should be red, plump and glossy (this often denotes she’s in lay). Have you ever wondered what the function of a hens’s comb is? The comb sits on top of the hen’s head and is used to help regulate the hens temperature. Caged hens often have large floppy combs to allow them […]

Humble by Nature Facebook Competition

We are offering one lucky person the chance to win 2 tickets to the popular ‘Caring for Ex-bat Hens’ course run by Humble by Nature. The Humble by Nature working farm is situated just outside Monmouth in the Wye Valley on the English/Welsh border and is owned by our patron Kate Humble and husband Ludo. When they bought the […]

Calcium or Vitamin D3 Deficiency?

A calcium or vitamin D3 deficiency can cause poor shell quality, but is quite rare in hens. If you come across this issue in your flock, here are my tips for getting your hens back in good health: If your hens are have a good diet, with some crushed oyster shell they shouldn’t suffer from egg […]

Wage War on Red Mite

Wage war on red mite! All hens love to nestle down in a lovely cosy nest box at night, don’t they? Unfortunately so do those pesky red mite! I use Dengie Horse Feeds Fresh Bed in my nest boxes at home and the girls love it. Fresh Bed is a fine chopped straw bedding with […]

Do your Hens Wear Leg Rings?

If any of your hens wear leg rings, it is important to take the time to check the leg rings on a regular basis and make sure they still fit. Leg rings are a great way of identifying your chickens, but over time hens legs can thicken, due to illness or injury, causing your hen […]

Hatching Eggs into Cockerels

Hatching Eggs can be a fantastic experience and it’s lovely to see an ex-bat sitting on a clutch of eggs doing what comes naturally. However it is important to remember that inevitably 50% of eggs hatched will be boys! Here at Hen Central we take on average 6 calls a day asking for help from people […]

Exeter Food Festival

We are very excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Exeter Festival of South West Food this year, for the first time! We are delighted to be exhibiting at the Exeter Food Festival and have watched the festival go from strength to strength over the years.  It is very exciting to be part of […]

Edible Garden Show

Join us and our lovely friends, Poultry Talk and Dengie, at the Edible Garden Show at London’s Alexandra Palace on March 20th – 22nd. We will be exhibiting in ‘The Chicken Coop’ a BRAND NEW and very exciting and interactive area for the show, which aims to promotes the responsible keeping and breeding of poultry in a fun an informative environment. Visitors can enjoy a host of fascinating talks, demonstrations and learn all about us!