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Are you eating illegal eggs?

PRESS RELEASE – 09-01-2012 Tucking into a pub meal? Enjoying bit of quiche, ice-cream or a ready meal? Did you know that the eggs in your dish could be illegal? As of January 1st 2012, you could unwittingly be eating non-British eggs or egg products imported from overseas European markets which have failed to comply […]

Consumer buying habits? Not what we Eggspected!

PRESS RELEASE – 12-10-2011 For many years, consumers have become accustomed to the idea that when it comes to eggs, ‘brown are best’. But why? Results of a survey into the habits and preferences of 1700 chicken-keepers interviewed by the British Hen Welfare Trust, revealed that 85% of respondents don’t actually mind what colour their […]

Corrie star helps keep hens ‘off the street!’

PRESS RELEASE – 07-10-2011 Much-loved TV, film and theatre star Antony Cotton, is widely known for playing barman Sean Tully in Coronation Street. Bar-keeper, yes, but did you know that Antony is also a keen hen-keeper? Antony, 36, first started adopting ex-battery hens from the British Hen Welfare Trust last year and has been besotted […]

Hen charity backs British egg farmers

PRESS RELEASE – 30-03-2010 Devon-based charity the British Hen Welfare Trust has just announced a change of name to more accurately reflect its pro-British stance. Formerly known as the ‘Battery Hen Welfare Trust’, the charity re-homes commercial laying hens, educates the public about hen welfare and encourages support for the British egg industry. Now called […]

Hen charity backs British egg industry

PRESS RELEASE – 30-03-2010 The British Hen Welfare Trust has recently consolidated its position as the leading hen welfare charity that works to promote a strong British free range egg industry. Formerly known as the “Battery Hen Welfare Trust”, it has recently undergone a name change and re-brand to more accurately reflect the organisation’s wider […]

Team gold for Battery Hen Welfare Trust

PRESS RELEASE – 24-08-2008 Right on the back of the amazing medal haul collected by Team GB, the Battery Hen Welfare Trust comes up with a triumph all of its own with its 100,000th battery hen being saved from slaughter. The lucky 100,000th hen will be taken from her cage this coming Saturday, 30th August […]

Chicken charity defends British caged producers

PRESS RELEASE – 28-04-2008 The Battery Hen Welfare Trust began its pioneering work five years ago building a bridge between commerce and welfare and has been swift to defend caged producers, Noble Foods and in particular Holsworthy Beacon Farm, who have recently come under the spotlight as a result of an undercover investigation. The Trust’s […]

Jamie Chicken Plea Leads To Battery Hen Charity Surge

PRESS RELEASE – 22-01-2008 A charity which helps to find new homes for „spent‟ battery hens, otherwise due for slaughter, has seen a huge surge in interest from the public after the screening of Jamie Oliver‟s Channel 4 programme about the chicken industry. Jane Howorth, who runs the Battery Hen Welfare Trust, says: “It’s fantastic, […]

The UK poultry industry under the spotlight

PRESS RELEASE – 07-01-2008 An appearance on Jamie’s Fowl Dinners gives fresh thinking hen charity the platform to speak their mind.  Responsibility for battery farming and broiler production lies not with the farmer, but with the consumer claims national hen charity, the Battery Hen Welfare Trust. “It’s simple: if we shut down British production, we […]