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Brighton Marathon – meet our first two runners!

  They’ve signed on the dotted line and their fundraising and training has begun in earnest, so we thought it only fair that we introduce you to two of the runners taking part in this year’s Brighton Marathon for the BHWT! The 26.2 mile run takes place on Sunday, 14 April and is one of […]

Wing clipping

Hens are not the most aerodynamic of birds! Heavy breeds such as Marans and Orpingtons seldom attempt flight but some lighter breeds are more adventurous. A determined hen can fly for a short distance if she sees an inviting foraging area over a fence. Hens commonly fly down from high perches and some enjoy roosting […]

Garden Life walk-in chicken runs

​​​​​​​If you’re planning to keep your hens in an enclosed run during the day (which we would recommend if you are away at work) then check out the range available from Garden Life. They offer 2m, 3m, 4m and 6m runs starting at £259.99. The primary reason for keeping hens in an enclosed run while […]

British Hen Welfare Trust named JustGiving Charity of the Year 2018

The British Hen Welfare Trust has been named the JustGiving Charity of the Year! We were one of three shortlisted charities who received the most public nominations, and were crowned the overall winner at a glittering awards ceremony in London on Tuesday, 20 November. There are 25,788 charities registered with JustGiving and a whopping 45,000 […]

Be a Runny Egg!

Christmas is around the corner which means plenty of indulgence. From mince pies to Yorkshire puds, Christmas cake to mulled wine, we all love to enjoy ourselves during the festive period. However, if it all leaves you feeling a bit sluggish, and in need of a new fitness regime, why not consider signing up to […]

Keeping hens happy during firework season

Firework season is upon us, and bonfire night itself is nearing, which is terrific news for those of us who enjoy this time of year. But what about our feathered friends who can suffer from stress during this time? Chickens are sensitive creatures which thrive on routine and dislike sudden loud noises or changes to […]

An egg a day could reduce risk of a stroke and heart disease

Eating an egg a day reduces your risk of a stroke by a quarter compared with those who rarely eat them, research suggests. The link between eggs, strokes and cardiovascular disease was researched by Peking University Health Science Centre and Oxford University who looked at the dietary habits of more than 400,000 people in China […]

Avian Flu Prevention Zones lifted

The Avian Flu Prevention Zones put in place across England and Wales earlier this year have today been lifted. As of 12pm on 25 May, subject to there being no new outbreaks of findings of AI in wild birds, the prevention zones in England and Wales are no longer in place. This means hen keepers […]