An update on avian flu

Posted 11th January 2017 03:05pm by

Afternoon everyone

As promised we want to keep you abreast of any latest news, and also provide some further advice, regarding the avian flu threat currently in the UK.

HENS STILL RANGING OUTDOORS: we are regularly receiving calls from people who have been letting their birds free range.

Please share this post, tell your friends and family and anyone else you know who keeps chickens that they MUST, by law, keep their birds housed or under cover and separate from wild birds.

This is for the safety of ALL captive poultry and is now a legal requirement as set out by Defra.

DEFRA ALERTS: we are also aware many of you are not getting alerts from Defra, and we are awaiting a response from them on why this is happening.

LATEST OUTBREAKS: the latest outbreaks of AI were found in a backyard flock in North Yorkshire, at the Abbotsbury swannery in Dorset and at the RSPB’s Conwy reserve. Earlier outbreaks in Lincolnshire and Carmarthenshire as well as outbreaks in wild birds have also been found.

HENTERTAINMENT: Birds are adjusting to the confinement inside, both in the commercial sector and in backyard flocks; you can see our guide to keeping your girls entertained.

BE VIGILANT: the need to maintain good biosecurity and husbandry is of paramount importance, see our husbandry guidelines.

KEEP INFORMED: by visiting our website and social media pages where we will post regular updates as things progress.

As always, just give us a call if there is anything you’re unsure about or would like to know.