Avoid McVitie’s on Chocolate Cake Day

Posted 27th January 2017 09:00am by

Chocolate cake lovers have the perfect excuse to tuck in to a slice today.

But the British Hen Welfare Trust is reminding cake lovers to check the ingredients of their favourite brands before they buy this Chocolate Cake Day (Friday, 27 January).

In particular, McVitie’s, whose line includes a delicious-looking chocolate cake, is one to be avoided for the brand uses eggs from caged hens in its baked goods.

The British Hen Welfare Trust discovered United Biscuits, which owns the well-loved household brand, known for its cakes and biscuits as well as its cute TV ads featuring kittens, uses only ‘a small amount of free range eggs’ in the UK and that the rest are caged.

McVitie’s uses caged eggs in powdered form in popular products such as Jaffa Cakes, Jamaica Cake, Carrot Cake, Lemon Cake and Chocolate Cake.

The charity contacted United Biscuits and was told: “The egg products we buy are either sourced from enriched cage or free-range egg laying systems.”

When pushed for clarification as to whether packaging was clearly marked when caged eggs are used in a product, the response was disappointing: “We do not identify if the egg used is Free Range on our ingredient lists.

 “We only use a small amount of Free Range Eggs in the UK. This is mainly used in our Teacakes range of products (Free range egg albumen powder).”

Jane Howorth MBE, charity Founder, said: “I’m definitely going to enjoy a slice of chocolate cake this Friday, but I won’t be buying McVitie’s products. United Biscuits is behind the times and should be considering a policy change to free range which allows hens to enjoy a more natural life in the great outdoors.”

The charity invites animal lovers to contact McVitie’s to politely ask them to change to a free range egg policy; simply contact them on social media with the following messages

Twitter: I support the @BHWTOfficial #BHWTfreerangecampaign! @McVities, please use eggs from free range hens!

Facebook: I love Jaffa Cakes, but I love free range eggs more! I support the @British Hen Welfare Trust’s #BHWTfreerangecampaign and would encourage @McVities to start using eggs from free range hens!