Benefits of Green Tea

Posted 8th April 2016 02:46pm by

This week I am going a little off-piste and into non-scientifically proven ground and talk about Green Tea.

Green Tea? Yes a morning cuppa for your girls does seem to come with benefits. I was sceptical when I was first told about the benefits of green tea but have used it as a tonic when I have had hens under the weather with good results.

It was first brought to my attention by a volunteer who had used it on a hen with an abdominal tumour. The vet treating this hen told the volunteer that her condition was hopeless. Green Tea was given daily and a subsequent X ray of the same hen showed no sign of the tumour apparently. I cannot make any claims that this is some kind of miracle cure (maybe the tumour was misdiagnosed) but my hens do love the taste and while it does not do any harm who is to say that it might not be doing them good? Tea up ladies?