BHWT eBay super star!

Posted 12th November 2015 03:17pm by

This week we would like to celebrate our eBay super star Megan Whiteman who has raised over £10,000 for the BHWT through her eBay shop, which is going from strength to strength…

Megan works alongside her family, who use recycled and reclaimed timber to make her bestselling lines, including popular batches of organic apple twig wooden crochet hooks, which have proved immensely popular!

She also trawls through her local Freecycle network, checking that people don’t mind selling the items for charity. “When they hear about the BHWT, they usually donate more.” She also works with members of her local community who donate items to her to sell (bags of soft toys/ books/ other knitted items).

Megan’s eBay shop is themed – “Attracting buyers is a fine art! You have to choose items wisely. If it has a specific theme (say Halloween or Christmas) it makes it easier for buyers to find. Wording your listing titles carefully is important too, always write a full, friendly and honest description. Highlight the best bits too, especially recycled and eco-friendly products!”

If you would like to take Megan’s lead to help us fulfil our vision of a free range future for all hens, why not get involved and set up an eBay auction to raise funds for the BHWT today? Please contact or call 01884 860084 to find out more.