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Chicken enrichment: Top tips for making your run more fun

With the Autumn season now showing its colours, and with the days beginning to draw in all too quickly, it is important to pay close attention to your hen’s autumnal needs. On one of those rare sunny days which catch us by surprise this time of year, it’s important to let your hens out of the hen house for exercise and games in the autumn weather! The change in season doesn’t have to mean that the fun has to stop!

Here are our top tips on what you can do to make your runs more fun this new season…

Enrichment toys

We know how many toys you can buy for your hens, it’s hard to stop treating them. But a bored hen can lead to bullying, so at this time of year, it’s even more important to keep your hens enriched. With their abundance of grass and weeds disappearing, there isn’t much for them to forage on anymore. A chicken peck toy is one option to keep your flock happy, also providing them with mental stimulation with a little treat. You can have these hidden around the run or handing from a string so that they can follow it as it moves.

treat dispenser autumn season

Make use of your autumn leaves

With autumn, comes leaves. Maybe even hundreds of them in your garden. They may not mean anything to us except an annoyance to rake them up every week but they can actually be a great source of entertainment for your flock.

Build up a pile of fresh autumnal leaves in your hens, and watch them have hours of fun pecking about in them! Top tip from Omlet:

“You can even add some sunflower seeds to your pile to have your flock hunt for”.

Hang up a CD

Hens love shiny things much like budgies like mirrors. By hanging up some CDs around the run or garden, your hens can have lots of fun chasing after the reflected light or pecking at the CDs.

Trick or Treat?

A pumpkin chicken treat is no trick. It’s actually a very healthy treat for your hens. Pumpkin is a source of vitamins, minerals, protein, and calcium, that your hens will love, with the added benefit of an immune boost. Giving your hens a pumpkin to peck at is a fun way for them to explore. It can be served with or without the pumpkin shell and can be frozen to serve at any time throughout the year. A quick and easy project the hens will adore. You also get a great opportunity to take some very funny photos…

One thing to always remember is that any treats should only be given in moderation.

hen eating pumpkin autumn season

The chicken swing

Much like the hanging treats, a chicken swing is another way to make your hens’ run more fun. The Omlet Chicken Swing will have your hens in their element! This great addition to the run isn’t just a perch, it’s an actual activity! We have tried and tested this innovative design and once hens get into the ‘swing’ of it, this is a must-have for every hen home.

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