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Fairy eggs

Eggs come in all shapes and sizes from large double yolkers through to medium and small, right down to tiny fairy eggs, there is no such thing as a standard egg! If you have never seen a fairy egg (sometimes called wind eggs) you may be wondering what on earth has gone wrong.

Wind eggs are typically laid by young hens coming into lay for the first time, but they can also be laid by hens that are coming back into lay after a moult; It isn’t anything to worry about. The hen will start to form an egg before the oviduct has released a yolk meaning that only egg white is encased in the shell. The resulting egg is perfectly safe to eat but it will not have a yolk and therefore lacks the nutritional goodness of a complete hen’s egg. Subsequent eggs should be a normal size for that specific hen.

fairy egg or wind egg in the palm of someone's hand next to a normal-sized egg

In contrast, a bantam egg which is similarly tiny but laid by a bantam (miniature) hen will contain a large yolk and very little albumin (white)

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