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WATCH: Hen health videos 

Looking after your hens’ health is, of course, a top priority for any pet hen keeper and, to that end, we want to support you as much as possible in looking after your birds. 

Part of our ongoing Improving Pet Hen Health project was the setting up of our Hen Helpline, a dedicated place for any hen keeper across the UK to go when in need of advice. 

Whether it’s a poorly hen question you have or you simply need advice on what to feed your hens or how best to merge flocks, the helpline is a source of support for many. You don’t even need to have adopted your hens from us to make use of it. 

Our Hen Helpline appeal 

Last summer we ran a fundraising campaign with the aim of raising as much as possible to support this vital free service because it does come at a cost to the charity. 

Your response was phenomenal, and we raised in excess of £15,000 which not only went towards supporting the everyday running of the helpline but funded another important project too. 

To aid our staff in handling Hen Helpline calls, we used some of the appeal funds to produce a catalogue of hen health videos which are now available to watch via our YouTube channel for free. 

Hen health videos 

Covering topics such as prolapses, worming and even merging, these 13 videos were produced with the help of poultry experts such as vet Sharon Evans and BHWT volunteer and supporter Lizzie Gatherer. 

The aim was to make a free resource which hen keepers can access whenever they need support, be it guidance on examining their hens or wider health issues such as scaly leg mites and bumble foot. 

Accessible hen healthcare advice 

Part of the reason our Hen Helpline exists is because we know hen healthcare is often lacking. While there are some incredible poultry experts around the UK, the simple fact is hens are not as popular as pets like cats and dogs. 

Training is severely lacking for vets, and this is something we are looking to combat via our new Poultry Vet Guide, as well as our wider Improving Pet Hen Health scheme which includes the Hen Helpline and accompanying videos. 

Domestic chickens are now the sixth most popular pet in the UK so, while they are unlikely to surpass the popularity of cats and dogs, we believe they deserve the same level of care. 

That’s why our work to raise their profile and achieve better healthcare for all the hens we rehome will continue, with your support. 

If you wish to donate towards the ongoing running of our Hen Helpline, you can do so here

Please note, if your hen requires urgent attention and our Hen Helpline is not available, we advise you seek veterinary support as soon as possible. 

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