Our best-selling red mite treatment: Dergall

“I’ve found Dergall very effective in getting on top of red mite quickly. It’s easy to use and you don’t have to keep the hens out until it dries, unlike other products. I wouldn’t buy anything else now.” – Alison Carr

Dergall controls and manages red mites, northern fowl mites and scaly leg mites in chickens. Red mites are nocturnal, which means they’re most active at night, so even though you may not have seen them in your hen house, they could still be lurking in there.

Red mites feed off your hen’s blood which is highly irritating for your pets, causing agitation and preventing them from resting. If left untreated, red mites can induce a drop in egg production, cause stress and eventually anaemia through excessive blood loss. In very extreme cases your hens may die.

Dergall works by mechanically immobilising the red mites. The formula is pesticide and poison free and the reduction in population is visible within 72 hours from the initial application. If you have a large mite population, whether it is red mites, northern fowl mites or scaly leg mites, we recommend using the product and then repeating the process 5-7 days later to destroy any newly hatched mites which were missed or subsequently hatched after the first spraying.

“I had been battling with northern fowl mite on my chickens for a while, I used ivermectin and diatomaceous earth neither of which got rid of the pesky mites. Dergall’s, however, instantly killed the mite right before my eyes and I haven’t seen a single one since.  Highly recommend this product and wished I’d used it sooner.” – Steph Hyde, adopter

Sweep out your hen house and dispose of any bedding, then mix the Dergall solution in a small sprayer and mist spray all internal areas of your hen house focusing on crevices, and particularly the perches as mites can crawl along them onto your hens’ feet. For best results spray at night when the mites are at their most active.

Dergall is a concentrated product which should be diluted before use – Please read the back of the pack before using.

You can purchase 100ml of Dergall Concentrate on our online shop for £22.00 here!

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