In Conversation With: Sophie Allport

We’ve been working closely with the Sophie Allport team on an exclusive mug, only available through our online shop. With our exclusive mug in mind, we caught up with Sophie herself to chat chickens!

1. Sophie, last time we spoke you didn’t have your own chickens but said you’d love some in future. Have you found the time yet, or are you still running around like a … headless feathery thing that we will not name?!

I haven’t, unfortunately. I’d still love to own chickens, but it’s finding the time for them, and I want to be able to give them the happiest of homes. It’s on my radar as my three boys would love to have them around, although it would take my two Labradors a little bit of time to get used to them clucking away.

2. We can often be found in the office swooning over your lovely designs – which ones are most popular (we hope you’ll say chickens!)?

Chicken is actually one of our most popular designs. It’s one of our longest-running designs too and is an all-time favourite. The design makes people smile and works so beautifully in country kitchens and homes. Bees is another one which is very popular all year round and everyone just loves, I think they are both fun designs and everyone loves the simplicity of them.

3. Your range has expanded hugely – how do you keep finding inspiration for all your designs?

I take inspiration from pretty much everything around me, from countryside dog walks and gardening to spending time with my boys. I like to think that my designs are unique, and I love adding those quirky details to them, which make people smile. I think it’s also great to create products that I love and want in my own home too.

4. Speaking of which, is there a particular animal or theme you haven’t done yet which you’d really like to?

I’m continually asked to do designs for specific dog breeds. I did watch a documentary and fell in love with the pine martens, they are just so adorable!

5. There are now jumpers, bags, hot water bottles and so much more included in your product range – did you ever imagine when you started the business that you’d end up here?

I didn’t know what to expect at first, we were working from our spare room to start with, which feels like forever ago. I’m so proud of where the business is now and how far we have come. We’ve worked extremely hard to get where we are today, and we’re so pleased with how we are continuing to grow. It’s so lovely to see all the new designs and products come to life too, our new bedding has been particularly popular as well as our bags and home fragrances.

6. We’re so delighted to be selling an exclusive Sophie Allport mug. What made you want to work with the BHWT on this?

It’s such a wonderful organisation with so many fantastic volunteers who do so much for hens all over the country, providing them with a new home and improving their lives. It really is amazing, and we are delighted to work with the organisation to create an exclusive mug for your customers, which we hope they will love!