Avian flu found on commercial farm in Mid Suffolk

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has confirmed that a low pathogenic strain of Avian Influenza was found on a commercial farm in Mid Suffolk yesterday (10 Dec).

As a result, a 1km restriction zone has been placed around the farm near Athelington – please refer to the map on this page to see if you are affected.

Being located within the zone means there are controls in place to prevent the spread of disease, many of which are common sense guidelines you will already be following to protect your birds. For a full list of the restrictions please click here, and have a read of our good husbandry guide.

Advice from Public Health England is that the risk to public health from the virus is very low, and Christine Middlemiss, Chief Veterinary Officer, has advised bird keepers to remain alert for any signs of disease, report suspected disease immediately and ensure they are maintaining good biosecurity.

We have several rehomings planned this weekend, all well clear of the restriction zone, which will be going ahead. If any of our supporters have any concerns or questions please feel free to call our Hen Helpline on 01884 860084.

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