Nine-year-old Benjamin takes on global biscuit brand

Nine-year-old BHWT supporter Benjamin Nicholson is taking on global biscuit brand McVitie’s in a bid to get them to stop using caged hen eggs.

After finding out about the charity’s #BHWTfreerangecampaign Benjamin stopped eating Jaffa Cakes, which contain caged eggs, plus his favourite Gold Bars because they are both made by McVitie’s.

He has also written to Jon Eggleton, managing director of pladis which is McVitie’s parent company, to tell him of his disappointment about their egg policy.

“Big companies should not be doing things like that,” he said. “Their motto is they promise happiness to the world with every bite, but not if you’re a chicken.”

Jaffa Cakes and especially Gold Bars used to be Benjamin’s favourite treats, but he says he won’t eat them anymore. He has written to Mr Eggleton pleading with him to start using free range eggs in all McVitie’s products.

“I just thought it was really bad and I thought I would try to do something about it,” he said. Benjamin has also been telling his friends and family that McVitie’s use caged eggs in their products.

He and his family adopted ex-battery hens of their own from the British Hen Welfare Trust in 2016. The family’s two chickens are called Cinnamon and Chocolate and are now living out their free range retirement after spending the first 18 months of their life in cages.

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