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Chuck Chocs for Chooks

We’ve all heard of ditching chocolate for lent, but hands up who’s ever managed to do it? Well, we want that to change this year, and we’ve got just the incentive to keep you on track. 

For 2023 Chuck Chocs for Chooks to raise money and lose inches off your waistline. Simply ask friends and family to sponsor your chocolate detox and all that money will be put towards helping save hens from slaughter. Getting healthy AND saving lives?! Incentives don’t come better than that. 

We’re going to be strict here – this means no chocolate in any form. Chocolate bars, chocolate biscuits, chocolate cake (other cake flavours are fine, so you can still use those yummy eggs to bake!) and even that chocolate flake in your 99 ice cream are off limits. 

It may be tough, but you know that all those donations will be put towards something incredible. The money you raise will give hens the free-range retirement they deserve, so they can enjoy scratching around a back garden for bugs and slugs in the sunshine, rather than the alternative. 

How to give up chocolate

In case that’s not incentive enough, here are some of our tops tips for ditching chocolate: 

  1. Try to cut back on sugar generally – we know we know, you’re already giving up chocolate so you need to replace it with something, right? However it’s been proven that the more sugar you eat, the more you want to eat, so cutting back generally can help keep you on track. 
  1. Take a magnesium supplement – magnesium helps regulate blood sugar levels and can help curb cravings. 
  1. Have a plan of action to tackle cravings – make sure you’ve got some good food swaps in place for when you fancy a bar of Cadbury’s. Have a granola bar or some oatcakes to hand, o try chewing some sugar-free gum. 
  1. Pick yourself a really tasty treat for when March is over – got your eye on a Mars Bar? Focus on what you’ll have once the month is done and use it as motivation. 

Ready to sign up?

So, think you’ve got what it takes? To sign up for our Chuck Chocs for Chooks campaign simply set up a JustGiving page by visiting our fundraising page which is linked here

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