Covid-19 impacts donations for hen rehomings and hen welfare

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, and the charity sector has not been spared. For many charities, the impact of Covid-19, means they could be facing down-sizing or potential closure.  Here at the British Hen Welfare Trust, we have been adapting to and coping with the changes efficiently and effectively, and at present are continuing to rehome hens in Covid-19 safe ways.  However, the reality is that we are having to plan for many future uncertainties, and we are now more reliant than ever on support to help us continue our vital, innovative work.

The good news this year is that we’ve rehomed more hens than ever expected. But the charity, and our work, is not sustainable without your help.

As interest for pet hens has grown tenfold, we’ve worked hard to increase the number of hens saved and rehomed across the country. On many weekends this year, we’ve managed to find homes for over 4,000 ex-battery hens without increasing staffing levels or resources. Much of this work has been undertaken by the heroic efforts of our incredible volunteer teams, but the impact on our staff and Hen Helpline has caused significant strain, and crucial projects to improve hen welfare across the UK, such as our partnerships with veterinarians and government agencies, have been set aside in order to save more lives. Saving lives is, after all, the core of our mission.

If you are able to help us, please consider setting up a monthly Direct Debit, it is an incredibly easy way to support us, and helps us plan for the future. By making a recurring monthly donation you’ll help us continue our work. Every penny raised funds our rehoming programme at our numerous rehoming events across the UK.  It also helps pay for our transport crates, our vans to carry hens from farms to their forever homes, and allows us to provide support and advice via our Hen Helpline.

If you are financially able and would like to set up a monthly direct debit payment please click here.

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