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Helpful hens

We all need as much opportunity to smile during C-19 because frankly it’s not been easy living with daily restrictions, so here’s a selection of what your hens have been up to during COVID-19 and how they’ve been helping to lift our spirits

Pictured above, Rose was thrilled to bits to help Lydia Rodgers with her home-schooling efforts, and particularly liked the bright crayons Lydia selected for her picture. And I particularly liked mum, Jacky’s comments about how their three hens have slotted into family life, here’s what she told us.

"Our 3 hens, Lavender, Rose and Jasmin are always curious and not shy at all. This is Rose who tends to jump straight into whatever we are doing, looking for food I think as she has been known to leap a few feet to pinch a biscuit or a crisp out of our hands! We have 2 grown up children; Lydia is 8 and lockdown has been hard for her as she is missing her friends. Our 3 hens along with labradoodle Daisy are her best friends at the moment and I honestly wouldn't know what we would do without them. They keep us, but especially Lydia, going. We love them more than we ever thought you could love chickens."

The last sentence gives us a warm and cosy glow every time!
Ellie Jones’ Joyce – living the high life!
Ellie Jones’ Joyce – living the high life!
Joyce just wanted everyone to know that she feels on the top of the world since being adopted from our Nantwich pop-up centre by Ellie Jones.
First up is mum, Nicola, and daughter, Cerys aged 9 who starred on BBC Countryfile with newly adopted hens Queeny, Sunny and Cluck.

Novice hen keepers Nicola and Cerys found themselves flung into the limelight together with their new feathered pets on 17th May when Countryfile featured the surging rise in keeping hens since lockdown.

Rossi, the 3 yr old family retriever, also had a starring role demonstrating just how easily hens slot into the family pecking order and provide additional entertainment for all family members. This family collectively helped to save hundreds more hens.
Nicola, Cerys & Feathered Family
Nicola, Cerys & feathered family
Darragh & Joan
Darragh & Joan
This is Darragh, with his beloved pet hen, Joan. I’ll let mum, Nelly, tell you in her own words about their friendship and how Joan has been gently helping to restore calm in a worrying world:

“Joan loves a cuddle with my son; she has helped so much as he suffers with severe anxiety, and they spend a lot of time together. She really has helped Darragh as much as we have helped by saving her.”

I love that – people helping hens & hens helping people. Darragh’s message reached far and wide, appearing in both a national magazine and newspaper – that will help, without doubt, help more hens to help more people.
Claire Jaycock’s hen, Charlotte, took the C19 lockdown very seriously and immediately contributed by joining the local police force in Scotland, helping to ensure lockdown restrictions were adhered to. Oh and apparently Charlotte particularly liked getting a shiny police badge for her coop.
Debbie Jones’ hen, Sporty-spice, loves being busy since coming out of her cage, but wasn’t quite sure if she was here for some gardening tips or an audition for Strictly.
Either way she was happy to play along with Dave’s suggestions. Dave being the gnome, obviously.
Charlotte Jaycox looking forward to her shiny police badge
Charlotte Jaycox

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