Sponsor a Hen this Easter

Easter is a week away which means the supermarkets are full of chocolate eggs of all shapes and sizes. 

But this year, why not give a different kind of gift? One that gives the recipient the feelgood factor of helping hens AND sees them enjoy extra perks for a whole year… 

Our Sponsor a Hen scheme is a way of helping hens if you aren’t able to rehome yourself, or a way of giving a gift with a difference – after all, there aren’t many people who can say they’ve sponsored a hen saved from slaughter. 

There are four hens to choose from who were all rehomed by kindhearted BHWT supporters and now live their lives rootling for bugs and slugs in back gardens around the UK. By sponsoring one you are helping fund our rehoming work and ensuring that more hens like them can enjoy a free-range retirement. 

For just £4 a month, or £48 a year, the recipient will get a factsheet about their hen, a certificate of sponsorship, a photograph and updates three times per year so they know what their cheeky hen has been getting up to. 

Best of all, this Easter we’ll include an eggsclusive egg-shaped wooden BHWT hanging for free with every sponsorship taken out by 14th April as an extra token of our thanks. 

Here’s a little bit about each of our sponsor hens to help you choose: 


Rehomed in March 2021, Dora’s favourite activity is sneaking into the house when no-one’s looking. She particularly likes the cat beds and often has to be bribed out of them with blueberries! 


Little Lauren had a bad leg when she was rehomed in autumn 2020 so had to work extra hard to make friends. She’s now the first hen to greet anyone new and loves peeking into the kitchen for treats. 


Vocal Lola would cry at the top of her lungs if anyone tried to pick her up shortly after being rehomed, but she’s since found her confidence and now enjoys lie ins and regular cuddles. 


Also known as a doorstop, Rosy likes to position herself in the pop hole causing a traffic jam for all her coopmates trying to get out in the morning! She’s most often found enjoying long, lazy cuddles. 

Now you’ve decided, all that’s left to do is sign up! Maybe you’ve got a little one in mind who’d get more from hen sponsorship than yet another Easter egg, or perhaps a friend or family could do with a little pick me up. 

Whoever you sponsor a hen for (even yourself!) will love the warm cosy glow they get from knowing their sponsorship has helped secure a better future for ex-commercial laying hens. 

From them, and from us, thank you. 

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