A Smarter and Greener Way to Store Your Hen’s Eggs!

Toilet rolls and egg boxes, two things that are as rare as hen’s teeth since COVID-19 sent us all scurrying to the stores for lockdown provisions!

If you’re having trouble hunting down egg boxes we can help. New to our online store, we’re excited to offer our brand new 6-egg Corrugated Cardboard Egg Boxes.

These eco-friendly boxes are made from approximately 70% recycled paper and are fully recyclable via normal kerbside recycling. They come in bundles of 20 and each box holds a half dozen eggs, that’s enough for 120 eggs! That should keep you going for a while. Unfortunately you’re on your own with the toilet paper. Click here to get your egg boxes today!

  • Size: 145 x 100 x 65mm
  • Self-assembly (delivered flat pack, simply fold to assemble)
  • Fits 1/2 dozen eggs
  • Egg boxes come in bundles of 20 boxes (enough for 120 eggs)!
  • Made from approx. 70% recycled paper and fully recyclable via normal kerbside recycling.

If you’ve got eggs to spare don’t forget you can join our Egg Club, a fundraising initiative which allows your hens to help more hens!

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