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BHWT Egg Club interview

Egg Club interview with Liz Pinfield-Wells

We had the pleasure of catching up with Egg Club member, Liz Pinfield-Wells who tells us what it’s like to have your eggs in high demand!

How did you hear about Egg Club and what made you sign up? 

I heard about Egg Club through the BHWT newsletter and joined the Facebook group as I liked the idea of seeing how others keep their chickens and sell their eggs. I also liked the idea of having some nice stickers for my egg boxes because they always look a bit tatty when they’ve been reused several times. I thought it sounded like a good way to raise awareness of BHWT. 

Tell us a bit about your Egg Club – who are your ‘customers’ and how do you supply eggs?  

We have a fantastic eco-friendly refill shop in Wellington called The Little Green Pantry where I am a regular customer. The shop has a trade table for home-grown produce, and I began by donating a few eggs. Then earlier this year when I had a lot of surpluses, I asked the owner Keli King if she would like to offer them to customers on a regular basis in return for a donation to Egg Club. They proved extremely popular and always sold out straight away, to the point where people were asking when there would be more eggs because now, they will only eat ours.

I also have regular orders from a few of my neighbours who are also addicted to my eggs and one lady says she’d rather go without than buy eggs from the shops. She has a special box on her driveway for me to leave the eggs when I have any for her. 


Are there any particular stories you would like to share? Perhaps a customer comment or experience with your hens. 

Just the other evening I had a lovely message via Egg Club from a couple who were interested in buying eggs. They had all sorts of questions, such as what happens to the hens when they no longer produce eggs, and do any of them get used for meat. I think it’s great that people are putting such thought into their egg-buying and not just reaching for the cheapest off the supermarket shelves. 

I also had another enquiry via Egg Club from someone who wanted me to post eggs to them, and was happy to pay over the odds for this service. Unfortunately, I was not able to help at the time as my chickens were all on strike and not laying much. 

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What do you like most about being an Egg Clubber? 

The Facebook group has been a great way to share tips and advice to support each other. 

Do you enjoy our Egg Club newsletter and have you ever taken advantage of one of our eggs-clusive offers or tried one of the recipes included? 

I love the newsletter and always find it interesting. I haven’t tried any of the recipes but I recently made lemon curd for the first time so I will definitely be using my eggs to do that again. 

Is there anything else you would like to share? 

In addition to Egg Club donations I also hold a plant sale on my front garden and this year I was delighted to raise a total of £189.00 for BHWT. I would like to thank everyone who gave their support. 

Fancy becoming a member and helping us to help more hens? Egg Club donations help us keep doing what we do – improving hen welfare worldwide for a brighter free-ranging future. You can sign up here, get your membership pack full of goodies and join our fantastic community of Clubbers! Help us help more hens.