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Gardener turned fundraiser, Liz Ruddock, sells her prize veggies to raise money for the BHWT

Ever wondered what you could do with your surplus vegetables or flowers from your garden? How about selling them from your front door to raise funds for the BHWT! That’s what Liz does from her home in Bedfordshire!

Liz lives with her three grown-up children and their precious cohort of animals! She currently has two chocolate brown Labradors, five cats and her wonderful five hens. Liz rehomed her gals from the BHWT when she decided to look into adopting some from us. She has been absolutely besotted with them ever since and tells us that “the amount of pleasure they brought all of us was why I decided I wanted to give something back and donate my plant sales funds”.

When she’s not working or the weather isn’t gardening friendly, she loves to do yoga, spend time in the kitchen as well as reading. But on the whole, come rain or shine you will find Liz in her garden, growing the most wonderful selection.

Since adopting her hens, Liz has been growing her own vegetables and flowers from seed for the last two gardening seasons and is selling them using an honesty box. She loves to grow onions, tomatoes, courgettes and isn’t stopping at that! Liz has become a popular fundraiser with the local community and has lovely feedback from her customers who not only keep coming back, but also donate old pot plants and seed trays so she can carry on the good work.

Liz Ruddock - Hen

Gardening can be a peaceful pastime and Liz has found it helps her to process the passing of her brother five years ago; gardening gives her peace of mind.

What helps even more, is when her hens get gardening in their favourite spot – the compost heap! They love to peck for worms and scratch the turn over!

It’s always heart-warming to hear a hen keeper’s story about their hens and when asked what advice she would give to others thinking of fundraising for the BHWT, she simply said: “just get involved in anything you enjoy then it doesn’t become a chore”.

Fundraising for the BHWT is so easy and you can always get involved with events on our website! Whether you get involved with Bake for Hens’ Sake or by doing a sponsored run, there is something for everyone!

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