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Join our Egg Club!

It’s getting to that time of year when your hens are, hopefully, laying you plenty of delicious eggs to eat!  If they are laying more than you can eat (lucky you!) we have a solution for you. Why not sell them and donate the money to us so we can help more hens live the perfect free range retirement that your girls are happily enjoying!

There is something wonderfully fitting about ex-bats enjoying their free range retirement, laying eggs to help all those hens left behind. From selling a few eggs a week through an ‘honesty box’ outside your house through to a regular organised ‘subscription’ egg club – it all helps boost our funds and could mean all the difference to a caged hen.

We have some really inspiring Egg Clubbers who have raised an amazing amount for us!  Dr Ursula Kaufmann raised £63.39 by selling her neighbour’s hens’ eggs while Abby Gregory raised £400 for us over the last year from selling her girl’s eggs. Emma McMurran recently set up an Egg Club where she lives in France, raising £20 for us so far!

Please consider joining our Egg Club to help us help more hens; email for more information.

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