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Let them eat cake… all while helping hens

With hens named Petunia, Peony, Pansy, Primula, Penstemon, and Primrose, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Rachel Parsons chose to raise funds for the BHWT by opening up her garden to the public.

Although it would be remiss of us not to mention that there is one more hen in the flock who doesn’t follow the floral theme – Pereira, named by her son Samuel, 10, after a footballer.

Rachel, from Sanderstead, has opened her garden up before, but this year it was attended by a record 250 people and raised over £600 for the BHWT.

let them all eat cake news article 2

Rachel said, “We sold tea, cakes, scones, and afternoon tea served on vintage china, as well as plants and mini-beasts to raise the funds.

“All the cakes were made using eggs from our hens and we actually ran out at one point, so my daughter Daisy and her friends had to quickly make more!”

During the open garden, the flock of hens were wandering around the half-acre garden, and Rachel says they are a big hit with visitors.

“We’re avid supporters of the BHWT and we just really try to promote everyone adopting chickens,” said Rachel.

“People who came to the open garden loved seeing the chickens and we held a quiz for children to find letters hidden around the garden. We put one of the letters near the hens, so the children could see them up close.”

Could you support the BHWT with your own free-range bake sale? Order your free Bake for Hens’ Sake fundraising pack to get started – it couldn’t be easier!

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