Making Birthdays Even More Meaningful Gets a Big Thumbs Up

Every day more than 45 million people send birthday wishes on Facebook. Recently, Facebook gave its users the ability to nominate a charity and create a fundraiser for their birthday, with all proceeds going to the charity of their choosing—there’s over 750,000 non-profits on Facebook.

Friends and family of Liz Yates, who’s rehomed hens from us since 2018, clubbed together and donated a staggering £365 worth of birthday wishes on her Facebook birthday fundraiser page recently. When we spoke to Liz, she said she had no idea the fundraiser would take off like it did and is thrilled that the money will be put to good use helping to rehome hens.

On Facebook last month, our wonderful supporters raised a whopping £605 through their individual Birthday fundraisers, which we’ll use to ensure a brighter future for our ever-growing flock.

And with that, we’d love to send a huge thanks and thumbs up to all of you who decided to forgo gifts and instead requested donations in our honour… and of course to everyone who donated.

And remember, if you’re a September baby, and can’t think what you’d like as a present this year, you can set up your own Facebook birthday fundraiser too.

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