Poorly Carers and Foster Homes Needed

Could you take in sick or injured hens if needed? On average our teams rehome 300 to 400 hens on a collection day and may find 3-6 hens in each collection that we do not consider fit enough to be rehomed the same day. If this happens, could you take in foster hens?

Rehomings are held approximately every four to six weeks, and on average our volunteer teams rehome 300 to 400 hens on a collection day. During the day the volunteers may find three to six hens in each collection that we do not consider fit enough to be rehomed the same day. Rehoming days are fairly bewildering for the hens and bruising/lameness is not uncommon. When this happens we ask our Poorly Carers to step in and nurse these hens back to health. As part of the poorly care pool, volunteers are asked to attend a rehoming day or to be on standby to collect birds at the end of the day if they live close by.

What do convalescing hens need? Recovering hens cannot be housed with existing “fit” birds. Ideally, we require an outbuilding, stable or utility room which can house a series of poorly hens in dog crates. Such areas should have power and lighting, as from time to time you’ll need to check on the hens or medicate them several times each day. A heat lamp is also beneficial.

How much time can you commit to looking after recovering poorlies? If you work full time and are frequently busy at weekends, we don’t suggest taking on hens needing veterinary attention and on-going treatment. You may be able to look after extremely poorly feathered hens or hens with lameness. More serious conditions, which in some cases may be longstanding, will require extra care and commitment.

The team at Hen Central will arrange for homes to be found for hens once they’ve recovered, so you’ll have space in your home-based hen hospital, ready for the next rehoming day.

Are you comfortable doing any or all of the following:

  • Strapping up an injured wing
  • Administering tablets or liquid medication
  • Examining a hen and assessing a new arrival to identify potential problems
  • Are you comfortable being contacted on short notice to provide a foster placement for a sick or injured hen?

We ask our poorly care volunteers to give us the details of their veterinarians and we can arrange for a charity discount and zero VAT rating to be applied in most instances. Veterinary expenses will be paid but visits should be pre-approved. For more information please contact Gaynor at Hen Central (01884 860084)

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