Volunteer might hate going up a ladder but is taking to the skies for the BHWT

Volunteer and BHWT supporter Sue van den Busken will soon be jumping out of a plane to raise vital funds to help hens – despite saying she doesn’t even like going up ladders!

volunteer holding orange hen outside in the field

Sue, who lives in Devon, is taking part in a tandem skydive in May. Never one to do things by halves, she’s opted to jump from 15,000 ft – the highest allowed in the UK without oxygen.  

Sue, 62, says, “I will free fall for the first 60 seconds and then after that, the parachute will open. I did do a parachute jump 30 years ago but that was from a much lower height and it’s not really my thing anymore.

“I hate even going up ladders, so I’m not sure why I’m doing a skydive! I keep waking up in the night thinking ‘what have I done?’”

Sue is a rehoming volunteer with the Rose Ash team and has her own flock of eight hens – one of whom is from the first flock she adopted five years ago after moving to Devon.

When she’s not jumping out of planes, Sue takes a lower octane approach to helping hens by sewing goods such as aprons, glasses cases, and toiletry bags, which she sells on eBay and via the BHWT shop to raise funds for the charity.

I’ve watched a few skydives online so I think I actually will enjoy it even though I’ll be nervous on the day. It’s one of those things that I’ll never really be prepared for because it’s way out of my comfort zone but I’m up for it – especially if it can raise some money, then it will all be worthwhile.

“I already had chickens before we moved to Devon but I got involved with the BHWT because I was new in the area and looking at what I could get involved with, and the team I volunteer with are a lovely bunch of people.

“I love all animals and I love the work the BHWT do to improve the welfare of chickens.”

Sue has set a fundraising target of £1,000 for her skydive, you can help her get there and help more hens by sponsoring her here.

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