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Verm-X 4 Products

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As summer draws to an end, and the nights close in, our natural biorhythms kick in and our eating patterns and nutritional needs change. The same is true for our feathered friends. To counter any cooler weather blues your hens may experience, we sell a variety of products and supplements by Verm-X.

Verm-X have always been passionate about taking a natural approach to animal health.  No chemicals means nothing to worry about and you can still eat the eggs while feeding your flock Verm-X.  Verm-X products are made with 100% natural active ingredients to control intestinal hygiene whilst being gentle on the gut and digestive system.

These nutritional supplements aim to restore and maintain poultry wellbeing, and will be just the boost your hens need to keep them happy, laying and in fine fettle until next spring!

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