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Avian Influenza Nettex Virocur Disinfectant

Defra-aApproved Nettex virocur disinfectant here to help flocks stay safe from Avian Influenza this winter

Due to the rise in the number of avian influenza cases, and to reduce the risk of disease in your flock, it is imperative that backyard chicken owners follow the biosecurity advice from the Animal and Plant Health Authority (APHA), which includes:

Prevent Avian Influenza with Nettex Poultry DEFRA-approved Virocur disinfectant – Here to help

To support backyard chicken keepers Nettex have launched Virocur, a peroxygen based, broad-spectrum disinfectant powder. Use diluted to disinfect poultry housing and equipment, it is DEFRA-approved for Foot and Mouth, Swine Vesicular Disease, Diseases of Poultry and general orders. Virocur can be used to clean housing, equipment, vehicles, drinkers and feeders and it can also be used as an effective boot dip, helping you adhere to the latest advice to help keep your flock healthy and happy.

Nettex Virocur is part of the Nettex Poultry Hygiene range and comes in a 1kg tub with an RRP of £23.50* helping you to ensure that you have plenty to hand during the difficult months ahead.

*Including VAT. Please note that prices may vary depending on the retailer.

Tips for keeping your flock safe:

  1. Clean footwear when tending to birds – use a boot dip when possible
  2. Minimise movement in and out of enclosures
  3. Humanely control rats and mice
  4. Disinfect hard surfaces regularly with Nettex Virocur Disinfectant
  5. Clean and disinfect vehicles that come into contact with poultry
  6. Place your bird’s food and water in enclosed areas away from wild birds
  7. Remove any spilt feed regularly
  8. Keep your birds separate from wildlife and wild waterfowl
  9. Fence off areas of standing water and put netting over ponds
  10. Keep ducks and geese in separate buildings to other poultry species
  11. Register your birds at www.Gov.UK/poultry-registration
  12. Keep up to date with government advice, sign via up for SMS or email alerts
  13. Keep your birds healthy by supplementing their drinking water with Nettex Vit Boost Tonic daily
  14. Use Nettex Ground and Bedding Sanitising Powder to clear the ground and bedding of worm eggs and bacteria
  15. Spray any eggs collected with Nettex Sanitiser and Egg Wash Solution
  16. Keep Nettex Anti-Feather Pecking Spray to hand to protect the flock from any birds who develop a pecking habit during confinement

For advice on our range of products please visit @NettexPoultry on Facebook and remember Nettex Poultry is here to help.

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