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Product Spotlight: Little Feed Co launches two new products

The British Hen Welfare Trust has been working with the Little Feed Company, which was created by Hermione to provide an artisan-style alternative to major feed manufacturers, since June 2019.

The Little Feed Company puts animals’ health and the quality of ingredients at its core and supports local producers, choosing British ingredients where possible, and uses environmentally friendly packaging. Provenance is important to ensure ingredient quality and ethical production.

We first started selling the Little Feed Company’s Gastro Grit and Super Seeds, both of which quickly became two of our bestsellers.

Hen Pecked

What is it? A nutritious hen-ergy bar for pet hens packed with seeds, cereals, dried fruit, and nuts. It’s nutritious and highly hen-tertaining; perfect for enriching your girls if they’re feeling a little cooped up. It can be hooked on a wire run, hung from string or fed on the ground.

What is it for? Hen Pecked is the perfect treat for hens. It takes much longer to eat than loose seeds in a bowl, so will help to prevent boredom by keeping them busy longer.

How is it Made? The Hen Pecked bar is made and packed in the UK under the highest feed assurance standards. It contains kibbled maize, kibbled wheat, kibbled peas, sunflower hearts, red dari, raisins, black sunflower seeds, peanuts, oyster shell, flint grit, vegetable oil and edible binder.

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Peck Pourri

What is it? Edible nesting herbs for happy hens that are 100% natural, edible and biodegradable. Scatter in your nest box for the ultimate nest box comfort.

What is it for? The aromatic herbs and flowers in Peck Pourri have several beneficial properties. They have all been chosen for their aroma, their ability to soothe and calm, to deter pests, bugs, and rodents and for their nutritional and antioxidant content. It has a fresh and vibrant smell that your girls will love.

How is it Made? Peck Pourri is handmade in small batches to guarantee freshness. There are no added colours, fragrances, or chemicals, making it totally safe and edible. The unique mix of dried herbs and flowers is made with marigold flowers, chamomile flowers, rosebuds, rosemary, mint, basil, cornflower petals.

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