Introducing our BHWT Brighton heroes

Posted 19th January 2018 02:58pm by

How many times have you heard someone say ‘oh come on, it’s not like you’re running a marathon’?! Probably many times because, in comparison to running your heart out for 26 miles, everything else seems quite easy.

Well, there are three BHWT supporters who you can no longer say that to, because they are running Brighton Marathon for us come April! Amy Robinson, Harry Strutt and our Sussex re-homing coordinator, Andrew Ball, will be giving their blood (hopefully not too much of that!), sweat and tears all to help our beloved hens. We couldn’t be more grateful, and we don’t underestimate the effort they are putting in to training, not mentioning the race itself.

Over the next three weeks we’ll be introducing each of them and telling you a bit about how they came across the charity, and why they are fundraising to help more hens. First up, Amy.

We see you collected some hens from us recently, tell us a little about them…

My chicken obsession started in June 2017; I am a veterinary nurse and we had two hens brought in to be re-homed. The owner happily signed them over to the practice, and I took them home with me. We (husband and I) had no experience in owning chickens; I have basic knowledge from my job, but I had never kept any myself. We fell head over heels in love with these girls, they are amazing. We watched them grow from skinny bald chickens to fluffy confident ladies. They are called Batman and Jeph (our nephews named them).

We then rescued a cockerel from a farm down the road, he was also facing euthanasia as he was being bullied by his flock. The ladies love him and he looks after them. We call him Eric, as he loves banana.

I had been looking at the BHWT website for information, and I love what you do, and I saw that an adoption day was coming up. We live on an old farm so we have the room, so we collected our two new girls – Hendy Testaburger and Mrs Jelly Head on 17 December. They are almost fully feathered and have grown with confidence. Mrs Jelly Head is very talkative. We started introducing the chickens recently, and so far, so good. We love our chickens, we weren’t aware of how rewarding chickens are as pets.

What inspired you to fundraise for the BHWT?

I love what you do, giving hens a free range retirement. I love reading their stories and seeing the life these girls now have.

Have you run a marathon before?

I have not run a marathon before. I am a long distance (ish) runner, just not 26 miles. I have always wanted to do it, and doing it for something I love and to help chickens in need sounded perfect.

Amy, we think you’re an henspiration! We’ll be following Amy’s progress throughout her training, so check back for updates. To keep her motivated with donations, click here for Amy’s JustGiving page.