British Hen Welfare Day!

Posted 22nd September 2017 03:00pm by

We celebrated this year’s British Hen Welfare Day at Hen Central with a wonderful selection of yummy goodies.  It’s hard to decide which was the best but the BHWT cupcakes definitely made an impact, as did the fried egg lemon drizzle slices and a gorgeous cheese quiche, made using our founder Jane’s chickens’ eggs!  We even had some delicious vegan cakes made by one of your re-homing team.

We all managed to eat a huge amount and felt full and sleepy for the rest of the day.  Don’t worry though, we still managed to re-home lots of hens!

On a more serious note it is important to not only be aware of where the eggs you buy off the shelf come from but also to look at ingredients lists on processed foods that we buy.  If you’re as passionate about hens as we are and want to enjoy food containing free range eggs, check the labels of each and every processed food you buy. As a general rule, if it doesn’t state free range egg, it’s not free range egg.  We often run campaigns to encourage more companies to change their policies on the eggs they use, for example Mr Kipling and McVitie’s.   Companies will only change their policies on their eggs if they see that there is a demand from their consumers; together we can all make a difference and encourage companies to swap to using free range eggs.

We hope you all had a wonderful BHWD, and we will be letting our supporters know who won the fab prizes from Lakeland – watch this space!