Bugs are good for you!

Posted 28th May 2015 09:50am by

A survey launched last year in the EU found that over 70% of consumers would eat fish and meat from animals fed on a diet containing insect protein. The project called PROTEINSECT is now asking EU 1,000+ consumers again if they would approve animal products from animals that ate insect protein.

Insects provide high protein content for livestock, but its use is still banned for food producing animals.  Aside from obvious safety questions, another key enquiry that will be asked before Governments sanction the introduction of insects to the food chain is that of consumer acceptance. Obviously there would be little point in retailers stocking meat from insect-reared animals if shoppers were unwilling to buy it.

And in the meantime, whilst this matter continues to be debated in the corridors of power, our hens are wondering when dried mealworms will be back on their menu.  To fill the gap you will find we have a veritable Sweetie Shop for Hens now with more goodies to follow, so please take a look.