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Suitably Qualified Person

A Suitably Qualified Person (SQP) is an animal medicines advisor, a legal category of professionally qualified persons who are entitled to supply certain veterinary medicines under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations. Our Gaynor Davies, who is the charity’s Head of Operations, is now a Suitably Qualified Person and so can advise on your worming routine for your hens and […]

Garden Life walk-in chicken runs

​​​​​​​If you’re planning to keep your hens in an enclosed run during the day (which we would recommend if you are away at work) then check out the range available from Garden Life. They offer 2m, 3m, 4m and 6m runs starting at £259.99. The primary reason for keeping hens in an enclosed run while […]

Vote for BHWT for JustGiving Charity of the Year!

The JustGiving Awards are back and now’s the time to vote for the BHWT as your Charity of the Year!🎉 For those of you who haven’t used it before, JustGiving is an online platform for donating funds. Many of our fabulous fundraisers use it to collect donations for their fantastic fundraising events, and it’s one […]

The benefits of the mighty egg!

The mighty egg! We all know that those free range eggs your girls provide are delicious.  In fact, Alana Spencer, former The Apprentice winner and owner of Ridiculously Rich cake company, told us that the eggs from her hens make the tastiest cakes! But it turns out that the flavoursome taste (and the happy feeling […]

An egg a day could reduce risk of a stroke and heart disease

Eating an egg a day reduces your risk of a stroke by a quarter compared with those who rarely eat them, research suggests. The link between eggs, strokes and cardiovascular disease was researched by Peking University Health Science Centre and Oxford University who looked at the dietary habits of more than 400,000 people in China […]

Avian Flu Prevention Zones lifted

The Avian Flu Prevention Zones put in place across England and Wales earlier this year have today been lifted. As of 12pm on 25 May, subject to there being no new outbreaks of findings of AI in wild birds, the prevention zones in England and Wales are no longer in place. This means hen keepers […]

Avian Flu Prevention Zone put in place in England

Defra have this morning announced that an Avian Flu Prevention Zone has been put in place in England. This applies to everyone who keeps poultry or captive birds, meaning they must follow increased biosecurity requirements. This news is not cause for alarm, but it is a reason to up your biosecurity measures at home. All […]

Remember your hens during firework season

Fireworks will be going off with a bang all over the country this weekend, and we can’t wait! However it’s important to remember your hens, so here are a few tips to ensure they remain calm and happy throughout the festivities. While most people take extra precautions to look after their cats and dogs we’d […]