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Avian Flu – reporting non-compliance

We know our supporters are abiding by the Defra Prevention Zone regulations and that you are keen to ensure that everyone who keeps poultry is taking the same precautions. Today we have been advised by the APHA (the Animal and Plant Health Agency is a department within Defra) that if you would like to report […]

An update on avian flu

Afternoon everyone As promised we want to keep you abreast of any latest news, and also provide some further advice, regarding the avian flu threat currently in the UK. HENS STILL RANGING OUTDOORS: we are regularly receiving calls from people who have been letting their birds free range. Please share this post, tell your friends […]

Avian Flu Prevention Zone extended

An Avian Flu Prevention Zone put in place by Defra on 6 December for 30 days has now been extended until 28 February.  Whilst legally we can move hens, bird gatherings are banned and our re-homing work falls into this category.  We must also add that we do not want to exacerbate a vulnerable situation […]

Avian Influenza – Guidance for hen keepers

There have been outbreaks of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H5N8) across Europe. As a result Defra last night declared an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone across England, Scotland and Wales for the next 30 days (ending 6 January 2017). So we comply with the ruling, the British Hen Welfare Trust will postpone all hen collections over this period. […]

The ‘sore’ truth about eggs

The sore truth about eggs… We all know the human body is a pretty amazing thing, but did you know not all wounds heal themselves? Some deep wounds, such as leg ulcers, remain open and need expensive collagen dressings to help them heal. However, researchers are now looking into the possibility of developing a much cheaper alternative – using egg shells! The process involves […]

Supermarket cage-free pledges…our thoughts

You’re probably all well aware of the supermarkets who have recently pledged to go cage-free – first Aldi, then Tesco, Iceland and Morrisons. From 2025 onwards millions more laying hens will be enjoying a lifestyle out of cages. Although we would, of course, like to see the transition happen a lot sooner than 2025. Patron, Jamie Oliver, […]

An interview with 14-year-old Lucy Gavaghan

We thought you’d like to hear a bit more from Lucy Gavaghan following the recent success of her Tesco petition. It gained more than 280,00 signatures and, following this, Tesco agreed to sell eggs from hens outside of cages from 2025. Iceland and Morrisons followed suit not long after, and we caught up with Lucy for […]

Tesco to end sale of caged eggs by 2025

Great news – Tesco has pledged to end the sale of colony caged eggs in its stores…unfortunately by 2025! Tesco has said it will transition to 100% cage-free eggs, moving instead to methods such as barns, free range and organic. At present, some 43% of the 1.4 billion eggs sold by Tesco each year come […]

Biodynamic eggs…a new one on us!

We stumbled across a new term recently which we simply had to share with you. Hands up who’s heard of “biodynamic eggs”? No, us neither. In a recent episode of their new series, Eating Well with Hemsley + Hemsley, Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley were seen buying biodynamic eggs from Ellie Woodcock of Brambletye Farm in […]