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One woman’s journey from accidental chicken keeper to dedicated volunteer

Adele Rake became a hen keeper almost by accident. Her first pet hens came courtesy of a neighbour who had two hens that were being bullied by the others; Adele couldn’t bear to watch so she stepped in and offered them a home. She soon found herself taking in more hens that people could no …

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Ruth Burroughs and Jan

A Hen’s Tale of Hope

Ruth Burroughs is one of our volunteers at Team Cornwall. She’s been with us for over six years now and kindly helps out by taking care of some of the poorly hens that we sometimes find when we collect hens from the farm. This month we spoke to her about a particularly poorly hen she connected with — a hen called Jan.

Lucy Griffith

Lucy Griffith Spends a Night in the Bath for Hen Welfare Fundraiser!

Last month we were contacted by Becky Griffiths, a long-standing supporter of the BHWT. She brought news of her daughter, Lucy, who had set up a JustGiving page to fundraise for the BHWT by spending a night in the bath! We just had to get in touch and find out how she did! Looking at her page, Lucy reveals “Next Wednesday I am going to sleep in the bath for British Hen Welfare Trust because my discomfort will be nothing to a hen’s life” and boy did she do well!

Hen With 1000th Egg

From Zero to a Thousand; How Many Eggs Can Three Hens Lay?

Whenever we talk about collecting eggs from our hens, we talk about whether they have slowed down laying, maybe the eggs are becoming bigger or less-stable shell-wise. But do you keep track of the number of eggs your hens lay? One of our supporters, Alistair, tells us that he actually numbers his eggs and that his hens have just hit the 1000th egg milestone! We chatted with Alistair about one of his hens, Higgledy-Piggledy, who laid the 1000th egg! Here’s what he has to tell us once we got down to the bottom of it all!