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apple cider vinegar
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Is Apple Cider Vinegar a natural way to good hen health?

We know that lots of our supporters what to give their hens the best quality of care they can. So, if we had to pick one natural product to give hens on a regular basis, it would be Apple Cider Vinegar.

Health & Welfare

5 Tips to Successfully Merge Flocks

Having to merge new hens to existing hens can be stressful for both you, your flock and the new hens you’ve just brought home. Read our tips on how to make merging your hens more successful.

Eggs With Barcodes
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Track and Trace is Also for Hens

If you’ve adopted hens from us then you know that we ask you to register before you adopt. But do you know why? It’s so we can trace them. We keep on looking out for our hens even after they have left our coop for yours…

The Chicken Vet Dergall 100ml
Health & Welfare

Our Best-selling Red Mite Treatment: Dergall

Dergall controls and manages red mites, northern fowl mites and scaly leg mites. Red Mites are nocturnal, so though you may not see them in your hen house, they could still be lurking in there.

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Beware Foxes! What to do after a fox attack

Whether you’ve witnessed a fox coming into the garden or you’ve witnessed the aftermath of an attack it can be traumatising to you and your flock to deal with. But what do you do after you’ve experienced a fox attack?

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Are Chickens Bird-Brained?

We don’t think so! The term bird brain is often used as a derogatory term referring to someone who is not very bright. Yet chickens actually have very complex brains and use the information they process in a very particular way.

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Why are my chickens’ legs scaly?

Now that our lovely girls are not paddling around in so much mud, it is a good opportunity to check their legs. A healthy leg should have smooth scales with no raised areas. If you are seeing scales lifting or thickened areas, your hen may have Scaly Leg…

hen grit
Health & Welfare

Why does my hen need grit?

Grit is a vital part of your hen’s digestive process, however, it is important to remember that there are different grades of grit and they perform two different functions in your hen. First of all, there is Soluble and Insoluble grit.

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Diatomaceous Earth Powder; What It Is and How to Use It

So what do you do if you do have Red Mite? Diatomaceous Earth, or DE for short, can be used on animals and birds to treat against external parasites (lice, fleas, mites), and even internal parasites (worms).

the Uropygial gland hen
Health & Welfare

The Uropygial Gland Explained

Ever wondered what that small bump is at the base of your hen’s tail? That would be the Uropygial Gland! The Uropygial Gland is more commonly known as the ‘oil gland’ or the ‘preen gland’ and plays an important role in helping your hen to keep her feathers waterproof and in good condition.

Hen Vaccination
Health & Welfare

Do Ex-commercial Hens Require Vaccination?

We are often asked if ex-commercial hens or ex-laying hens require vaccination after adopters take them home? This could be because we are all so used to our dogs and cats having routine boosters throughout their lives.

soft shell egg shell
Health & Welfare

Soft or Missing Egg Shells

Back garden hen owners are often concerned when they find a soft shell or missing shell egg so this post aims to provide you with the right information about the causes of these strange eggs.

Egg & Larger Egg
Health & Welfare

Does Size Matter? – Yes It Does!

Did you know that over 50% of eggs laid in the UK, and most likely the rest of the world, are either large or EXTRA LARGE? We look at how large eggs can affect hen’s health and why we consumers are obsessed with large eggs in our shopping basket.

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The Hen Treat Guide; Everything in Moderation

Everyone loves to spoil their beloved pets with good food and treats. We love to spoil our hens and they love it when we treat them to corn, watermelon, even scrambled egg! But sometimes too much can be bad for them, let us tell you why…

Hens at Feeder
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How Your Feed Affects Your Chickens

Selecting the best feed for your flock is very important when it comes to hens’ diets. Food labels on hen feed can be a mystery, so what does it all mean? We list of all the items to look out for.

hens have ears
Health & Welfare

Hen Anatomy; Did You Know Hens Have Ears?

What disguised ears you have dear hen! All the better to hear you humans! Have you ever wondered about hen anatomy? Much like our own, they have eardrums, an inner, middle and outer ear and they hear just as well as we do!

hen squawking
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5 Tips on How to Recognise Your Hens

Every hen has its own personality. On rehoming days people often ask for hens that don’t look alike, so we thought it would be helpful to give you 5 tips on how to recognise your hens.

ex-battery hen with jumper
Health & Welfare

Do Recovering Ex-battery Hens Need to Wear Hen Coats?

Do recovering ex-bats need to wear hen coats? The truth is jumpers are not only unnecessary, but they can also be dangerous too. Here are some reasons why ex-battery hens don’t need to wear hen coats…

Hens With Apples
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Autumnal Hen Welfare Advice

Falling foul of soft-shell eggs and other autumnal issues Autumn is now showing its colours, and with the days beginning to draw in all too